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Luminous and acoustic signalling kit for motorcycle. Complete of wiring and waterproof IP67 connectors. Save battery function.
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Omologazione R10R10 UNECE

Omologazione R65R65 UNECE Class 1


KIT MOTO 4 provided with:

  • no.1 KM.DL8B12V couple of directional flashing lights, blue colour, model with 8 LEDs each. 120° angular beam of light. Suitable for mounting in the front side of the motorcycle.
  • no. 1 KM.LCSBC9S12VT1.DP LED flashing beacon blue colour composed of a single crown with 9 LEDs, cruise light function, version on telescopic pole with manual extension and fixing flaps (fixing bracket not included);
  • no.1 Sound kit composed of an electronic siren module and a couple of low profile neodymium loudspeakers, ITE790 model HEPS technology.
  • no.1 CMTO control unit and waterproof keyboard with back-lighted buttons. Universal hook system handlebars.
  • no.1 kit of wiring and waterproof IP67 connectors.

**SOUND: 2S Soccorso (Italia) / 2E Emergenza (Italia) / H hi lo / A1 Ambulance (Austria) / A2 Police (Austria) / A3 Fire Brigade (Austria) / F1 Ambulance (France) / F2 U.M.H. (France) / F3 Sapeur Pompiers (France) / F4 Gendarmerie (Francie) / F5 Police (France) / D Land - Stadt (Germany) / AH Air Horn / B Wail-Yelp-Hi Lo / WYAH Weil-Yelp-Air Horn

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