Low profile LED electric searching light.
Provided with:

  • Automatic anti-dazzle device and identification of the shaft of light in light up phase;
  • 6 LEDs;
  • Vertical movement 110°;
  • Horizontal movement 360° no stop;

Remote controlled version BL6 Omnilux provided with movement Remote control.
Radio controlled version BL6 RX Omnilux provided with Mobile radio drive with extendible cable, spiral cable with cigar lighter to charge the mobile radio drive.

Technical specification

Colour: Single
LED colour: white
LED number: 6
Dimension height: 107 mm
Dimension lenght: 269 mm
Dimension wide: 207 mm
Weight: 1350 gr
Voltage: 12V / 24 V
Maximum current: 1,3 A
Operating temperature: -20° C / +50° C
Compliance: Reg. 65 UN/ECE, Reg. 10 UN/ECE
IP: 65


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