light up innovation

Someone believes just in progress, others in technological evolution and others just care about the improvement of the performance of their products.

We believe, instead, that to get real progressis achieved when the benefits of technological evolution and the consequent improvement of product performance are accessible to everyone.

That's real Innovation.

We constantly invest our profits and energies in studying and researching the appropriate solutions able to anticipate your operative needs by constantly committing and involving of our company's resources in the process of planning and creating the devices you need.

End users, converters, importers, suppliers and retailers represent a wide and varied community, as well as wide and varied are the needs that require to be satisfied.

Customization; simplicity in the installation and operation; charming design; minimum consumptions; minimum costs of maintenance; compliance with the regulations in force; multivoltage and multipack; extended warranty; short delivery time and immediate availability of fast movement products; free expert advice; clarity of technical-commercial information; after-sales service….

Our catalogue is the answer.

With very high quality, reliability and performance standards, each product has a price which provides an excellent quality-price ratio.

All these things are possible because INTAV offer is 100% Made in Italy.

Every step of the production process takes place inside our Company starting from the idea and passing to the production of the necessary building and testing tools, the molding of the plastic parts, the production of the electronic parts up to the shipment of the final product to the client. Every new technology is patented and each device is obviously approved according to the current international regulations.

Everything started as a family business and now, even if our company is already known in Europe and overseas, we are keen to maintain the dynamism and agility that were the key to our growth.

The experience and competence acquired through the years encourage our determination, just like the enthusiasm of our partners motivate the passion that we use in our daily work.